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Whitby Seafoods - Home of Scampi

At Whitby Seafoods, we pride ourselves on doing things, honestly and properly, staying true to our family values, to provide top-notch responsibly sourced tasty creations to seafood-lovers every day. Not to brag, but we’ve even won a few awards too...

Click on the video to hear about the history of Whitby Seafoods and why we really are the home of Scampi!

Our Story...

Graham Whittle founded the company in 1985. His quest was to make the best scampi ever, with proper langoustines caught from the waters around the British Isles.
Graham Whittle
Westerly Centaur Fishy B Chub
What started off as just one man and his boat quickly grew into a big, grown-up company. Shrimpy
And as the company grew, so did the Whittles, with 3 new scamps joining his scampi clan. Chub
Little Whittles
Big Whittles
Before long, all three children joined the business, keeping family values at the heart of everything Whitby Seafoods do.
Shrimpy Great Taste Awards

Today Whitby Seafoods is a modern family business with a mission to wow customers with great tasting, sustainable seafood.

Whitby Scampi is eaten by more Brits than any other brand of scampi and the company makes over one million portions of scampi a week, making Whitby Scampi Britain's favourite scampi!

The company is rightly proud of this growth and success and have undertaken many projects to support the local community, including the Seafood Social, a social enterprise which aims to tackle homelessness.


This traditional British fishing port is home to our HQ and is full of fascinating history. Click over the map to find out more.

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