Having the people who work for you retain their motivation to do a great job and helping them develop to realise their full potential sounds like a good place to be – right?

Well that’s what Whitby Seafoods is all about.

Our approach to L&D

Unlike many corporate business where personal development is discussed at annual appraisals or how well you have performed in meeting your KPI’s, here at Whitby Seafoods we have a different outlook. We believe at looking at ways we can work together to deliver our strategy through improving our systems and upskilling our people. We believe in continuous improvement and that includes our people.

Career Conversations

Everyone will have different Career aspirations and that’s ok. What’s important is that we provide people with a career service should they wish to use it. We believe in vulnerability based trust and having open and honest conversations. So whenever people are ready to have a career conversation we’re here to listen and help people fulfil their aspirations.


Here at Whitby Seafoods we pay above the national minimum apprenticeship rate and tailor our programmes to the individual. Apprenticeships offer the benefits of an education and on the job training at the same time. You’ll earn a recognised qualification and the skills to do the job.

Student & Graduates

We welcome students and graduates here at Whitby Seafoods! Whether that be to gain experience or continue your journey. Check out some of our career stories and see if you would like to come on board our journey.

Career stories

Below are a couple of examples of how employees at Whitby Seafoods have progressed in their careers:

Builder Crab Student Crab
Wholesale Manager
Financial Controller